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  1. 11/28/2022 -

    New page available - The Favorites Line

    Found on the Info menu, you can now view the information used to select the picks for "The Favorites Line". There are 2 different odds providers to choose from, but the primary one used is Draft Kings. In case you are unfamiliar, the team with the biggest spread will be the 16 pt favorite when the picks are created. The odds are typically updated on a daily basis and are available for the current week.

  2. 7/20/2022 -

    Welcome to the 2022 Football Season!

    If you are a returning player from last year, you do not need to reregister but you should try to log in to make sure you haven't forgotten your password. For new players, please click the Register button above.

    Remember, if you would like to suggest something new or request a change, please use the "Feedback" feature.

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